Big eye, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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This classic muck dive is also on the Sulawesi bank of the Lembeh Strait and is so named because of the clumps of weed lying on the black volcanic sand. The video opens with a striated anglerfish (hairy frogfish - Antennarius striatus) "running" across the seabed then squaring up to the camera, and closes with an Ambon scorpionfish (Pteroidichthys amboinensis) lunging at a small bypasser.

 In between we meet various nudibranchs including the distinctive Melibe viridis, an orange devil scorpionfish, a moray eel hosting a clear cleaner shrimp, a strapweed filefish, a peacock mantis shrimp, an urchin crab taking cover under a blue-spotted urchin, and a juvenile emperor snapper and red lionfish in the midst of a group of blue-spotted urchins.

Shot in June 2006 at

The music is Starbeam by Toao of

More Lembeh Strait muck diving videos on 02:53

Hairball One

A man wants them fresh!
Short movie by Mieke Flour.
Music by Joachim Brackx.
Editing by Jan Tratsaert. 01:02

Kattendijke Paal 51-52


Big Mushroom

Learn more about the unique geology of The Crater at the Homestead Resort, in scenic Midway, Utah.  This naturally heated water formed an impressive dome over a 70 foot deep sinkhole, providing year round warm water.  Swim, snorkel, or scuba dive with your own equipment, or rent some during a lesson at The Crater. 09:38

Homestead Crater
United States of America

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foto de mergulho

Dominican Republic

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Costa Rica

foto de mergulho

Las Estacas

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    [ Foto ] Spanish war ship Sierra Leone. one of the 5 large achors
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    [ Foto ] Spanish war ship Sierra Leone. how the ship looked before it was wrecked in Sierra Leone in 1748
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Spanish war ship Sierra Leone
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Colonial ship wreck Sierra Leone
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Sambro Bridge Canada, Nova Scotia
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Saturday Night Ledge USA, Massachusetts, Cape Ann
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    [ Foto ] Dique Valle Grande Argentina, Cuyo Mendoza. Buceo en las playas del Dique Valle Grande
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Dique Valle Grande Argentina, Cuyo Mendoza
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    [ Foto ] Boutiliers Point Canada, Nova Scotia. Picnic tables along the water side of the parking area make for great set up and lunch time conveniences!
  • Out 02 
    [ Foto ] Boutiliers Point Canada, Nova Scotia. Even in winter the spot is great!
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Constancia Reef Philippines, Palawan, Roxas
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    [ Foto ] Le Rubis France, Mediterranean, Cavalaire Sainte Maxime.
  • Out 02 
    [ Foto ] Le Rubis France, Mediterranean, Cavalaire Sainte Maxime.
  • Out 02 
    [ Foto ] Le Rubis France, Mediterranean, Cavalaire Sainte Maxime.
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Le Rubis France, Mediterranean, Cavalaire Sainte Maxime
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    [ Site de mergulho ] De Kruisers Netherlands, North Sea
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Hayes Gardens Canada, Nova Scotia
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Cauldron Indonesia, Komodo island
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    [ Foto ] Koningin Regentes Netherlands, North Sea.
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Koningin Regentes Netherlands, North Sea
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    [ Site de mergulho ] Hondsbosch Netherlands, North Sea
  • Set 30 
    [ Foto ] Bayswater Canada, Nova Scotia. Rich marine life in 10-40' of water is one of the joys of this dive site
  • Set 30 
    [ Foto ] Bayswater Canada, Nova Scotia. Perch like
  • Set 30 
    [ Foto ] Bayswater Canada, Nova Scotia. The rocks and boulders going down the gentle slope from 20 to 50' are rich in seaweeds
  • Set 30 
    [ Foto ] Katedrala Croatia, North adriatic. Cathedral, in Premuda island, decompression stop at buoy line

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