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Rhone Man

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11 years ago
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Experienced (10+ yrs)
CMAS *** / DiveMaster
PADI DM MSD/TDI Extended Range
Drift, Dry Suit, Multilevel, Night, Nitrox, UW Photographer, Wreck, Technical Diver, Technical Deep Diver, UW Navigation Specialty
Once or twice a week
185 feet

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Road Town
British Virgin Islands
Senior manager

Dive Sites

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Listas dos spots favoritos

Qtd. de spots de mergulho: 20

1 spots de mergulho

Site de mergulho GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  

British Virgin Islands

16 spots de mergulho

British Virgin

Site de mergulho GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Brown Pants Excelente CMAS * / OW 16.8 m 7 3
Carval Rock Bom CMAS * / OW 31.1 m 12 2
Chimney Bom CMAS * / OW 15.8 m 21 1 2
Ginger Steps Excelente CMAS * / OW 28 m 16 1
Grand Central Station Bom CMAS *** / Rescue 19.8 m 3
Maria L. & Pat Wrecks (Wreck Alley) Bom CMAS ** / AOW 27.1 m 15
Painted Walls Excelente Para todos os níveis 14.6 m 15 1
R.M.S. Rhone Bom Para todos os níveis 26.2 m 17 4
R.M.S. Rhone Bom 24 m 44 7 4
Santa Monica Rock Bom CMAS * / OW 31 m 8 1
Seal Dog North Bom CMAS * / OW 28 m 5
Seal Dog West Bom CMAS * / OW 28 m 4
Shark Point Excelente CMAS ** / AOW 22 m 7 1
Thumb Rock Bom CMAS * / OW 13.7 m 8
Tip of Scrub Bom CMAS ** / AOW 18.9 m 2
Visibles Bom CMAS * / OW 14.6 m 10

US Virgin Islands

3 spots de mergulho

Saint Thomas Island

Site de mergulho GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Miss Opportunity Wreck Bom CMAS * / OW 25.9 m 3
WIT Concrete Wreck Normal CMAS * / OW 31.1 m 8 1 2
WIT Shoal Wreck Bom CMAS ** / AOW 27.4 m 5 1 1


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Número de viagens: 2

  Título da viagem Data inicial Data do fim Mergulhos  
Ver Cyprus 03 February 2010 06 February 2010 0
Ver Dominican Republic 15 June 2009 20 June 2009 0


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About Me

I live in the British Virgin Islands where I have lived all my life and enjoyed diving for the last 28 years or so.  I am not a dive professional, although I do dive most weekends.  I have about a zillion certifications, including various technical diving certifications (although there is no true technical dive sites in the BVI - I do enjoy going deep when I travel).

Although 99% of my diving has been in BVI, I have dived lots of other places in the world, from nice warm sunny places like Australia and French Polynesia, to cold places with green water like Scotland, Seattle and South Africa.  I have also dived lots of other places in the Caribbean.

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