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Mergulho: Swell day

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Monday May 30 2011 13:00:00

Spot de mergulhp: Saco do Cherne, Brazil

My Rating:

Max depth: 15 m

Average depth: 8 m

Dive time: 80 min


I used a company called Dive Point (http://www.divepoint.com.br/) who are based in Leblon, just round the corner from Copacabana who were very friendly and spoke English well. Their 2 tank day trip was a little expensive but they did pick me up from my hotel and drive me the 2 hours to Arraial do Cabo, a quaint little fishing town east of Rio city. The weather had been bad for a few days with plenty of tropical rain and a fair swell so as soon as we got under water it was clear that visibility was very poor. This matched with the strong currents created by the waves however, made for a very exciting couple of dives. It took a while to get used to being thrown around underwater, a strange feeling that I have not had whilst diving before. After a short while though it seemed the best option was to simply relax, loosen up & let the waves sweep you around wherever they wanted. As long as you kept your wits about you, checked you surroundings to make sure you were not going to crash into a rocks, it was a very enjoyable feeling & must be as close as you could come to flying - just underwater. Eventually I started to join the rhythm of the swell and as it sucked me back I would simply hold onto a rock to steady myself, then when it surged out I would let go and frog kick gaining what felt like amazing speed as I swept across the reef below. At times it was like a snowstorm down there & hard to see your hand in front of your face but still we saw plenty of wildlife. Many fish I recognized from a recent Caribbean trip, lots of eels and some beautiful flying fish that opened their bright blue wings as they skimmed the bottom. The highlight had to be the various turtles we saw especially the large friendly creature that let me stroke his back as he slowly cruised past. We looked each other in the eye as we swam together, it was a moment. 

I’d love to return here one day as I can imagine given the right conditions, this would be an amazing dive site.


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