Lizard fish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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No se trata do bom local de mergulho? É um Hoax? Uma infracção dos direitos de autor? Previna!

Título : Costa Cetacea Osa Costa Rica Blue Water Pelagic Guide:)

Descrição : Featuring the Costa Rican stars of Oceans The Movie. This is more diving with the same spinner dolphin super pod plus bubble sex, an orca sexual, display giant tuna hitting baitball, rough toothed dolphins swim ballet, pan tropical spotted stampede, Risso´s dolphin body slap, common dolphins freaking out, friendly pilot whales swimming with people, diving with false killer whales, cetenophores, mobula rays jumping, floating logs surrounded by life, people diving in the big blue. Filmed by Costa Cetacea chief guide Shawn Larkin, who was also chief guide for spinner dolphins, Drake Bay, Cano Island and Osa pelagic marine life guide for Oceans The Movie. The flick comes out April 22, Earth Day, in the Americas and was produced by Galatee Films and Disneynature. Check it. Original reggae calypso and blues music with dolphin song by Shawn Larkin.

Tags : Drake, Bay, on, location, Oceans, shoot, Costa, Rica, Osa, tribes, undersea, action, big, blue, Corcovado, Cano, Island, offshore, film, movie, clips, story, video, lifestyles, dive, sites, making, of, entertainment, amazing, conservation, marine, biology, documentary, reality, discovery, scuba, educational, life, identification, super, yacht, services, anchorage, things, to, do, animals, free, diving, water, pelagic, Shawn, Larkin, Adventure, tours, boat, ride, future, parks, humpback, false, killer, whales, orcas, bottlenose, spinner, dolphins, with, humans

Avaliação : 5.00

Duração : 00:10:00

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